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High Witch Next Generation Available for Pre-order

High Witch Next GenerationI’m pleased to announce my upcoming book High Witch Next Generation (Generations Book 1) is now available for pre-order! The expected publication date is July 10 2015.

High Witch Next Generation (Generations Book 1)

This series is a spin off to my High Witch Series.

Seventeen years have passed since Ariel and Hallie worked together to defeat Innes. The child High Witches Erica and Julia are now teenagers, facing their own challenges.

When Erica meets Seth she feels excited she may have found her first love, and wants to see him as much as possible. But a vision featuring Erica and the dreaded test darkens her world, and leaves her wondering who the mysterious blond man from her vision is.

Seth is falling for Erica but is hiding a dark secret; if she knew she would hate him forever. He hates deceiving her but feels trapped. He has to choose between saving his father or protecting the woman he’s falling in love with. He can’t bear to hurt either, but a dark stranger has other ideas.

This is a NOVELLA of approximately 22,000 words.

Pre-order Links:

Amazon  *  Amazon UK  *  iTunes  *  Barnes & Noble  *  Kobo  *  Google Play

Thanks! Love, Mona 🙂 ♥

Currently Writing – High Witch Next Generation

High Witch Next GenerationHi everyone! I just wanted to tell you about the book I’m currently writing. The working title is “High Witch – Next Generation,” and it’s set 17 years after my High Witch trilogy. The main characters are the children of Ariel, Hallie and Alexandra, with the primary characters being Erica, Ariel’s daughter, and Seth, her love interest.

I’m having a lot of fun writing this book and am nearly done. I’ve written eleven chapters and think there’s about 5-6 more chapters to go. I think the book will be about the length of the first High Witch book, maybe a little longer. I’m really happy with it so far!

The book is still a while away from publication as once I finish it it still has to go through the beta reading and editing process. I’ll let you guys know when it’s close to being published.

I wanted to apologize for abandoning my book Darian (Prentor Book 3). I wasted a lot of time trying to write it and only managed about five chapters. I usually finish my books but for some reason this one wasn’t working, and I finally had to leave it and move on to something else. I’m sorry to anyone who was expecting it. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it, but I’ll keep a third Prentor book in mind as I feel there’s more to do with those characters.

That’s it for now. Smooches!

Love, Mona 🙂 ♥

Writing for Love

I was thinking about how I used to write before I started self publishing. I didn’t think about word counts per day, or how fast I was writing, or deadlines and how many books I was finishing in a space of time. I just wrote, when I wanted to write and when I was inspired to.

Did that mean I wrote more slowly? For my non fiction works, I did write them very slowly because it takes time to write personal essays of that nature. For my fiction works, I actually wrote much faster before I began self publishing. The writing flowed and I didn’t have much trouble.

As soon as I started self publishing, and spending time reading about other writers and comparing myself to them, I began to write slower. I became slower and slower as the months went by. Checking sales figures and for reviews, and worrying about all the business of self publishing weighed down on me. It became a business. It became work.

That may sound foolish – of course writing is work – but it used to be fun. It used to be my heart’s desire. It was what I did to escape from work when I had regular jobs. Then it became a chore. Writing became hard, because of all the pressure I put on myself. I had to write quickly. I had to write perfectly. I had to publish rapidly and sell well. I had to be perfect, comparable to all the other writers. I had to be the best.

I want to return to how I was. Not in an effort to produce work faster, but so I can stop being so hard on myself and so I can enjoy writing again. I don’t want to think about everything that bothers me so much. I just want to write because I want to, when I want to, and be happy about my work again. Writing isn’t supposed to be torture. I started doing it because I love it, and that’s why I should still do it. Not out of obligation or pressure or duty. Not to meet a goal. But because it’s what I love to do. If I’m going to do a job I hate I may as well get an ordinary job, where at least I’ll have a regular, higher income.

Writing is supposed to be my love. So I’ll do it for love.

Lucy’s Wish Now FREE!

Lucy's WishMy book Lucy’s Wish (Bluebell Book 1) is now FREE! The ebook is free at major retailers.

Amazon * iTunes * Barnes & Noble * Kobo * Google Play

Lucy Bluebell is a quiet young witch working in a magic shop in her busy town, trying to keep it running after her parents retired. She keeps to herself, avoiding most people after an unkind warlock broke her heart. She has a wish, however: to meet a kind, caring man, who’ll always love and cherish her. Someone she can love with her whole heart. Someone safe who she can rely on.

Warren Lewiston is embroiled in a dark plan and needs Lucy’s help, even though he knows he’s putting her in danger. His goal is to save his friend Sarah; his enemy Saxton will release her only if the plan goes off without a hitch. Warren has to work with Saxton, doing what he asks, or Sarah will never be free.

But then things get messy. Lucy and Warren become hunted. Saxton becomes more threatening. Warren realizes he may lose his friend while endangering a woman he’s falling for. Lucy thinks she’s falling in love with a man who loves another. No one knows who will survive.

In the end Lucy doesn’t know if she’ll ever get her wish.

This is a NOVELLA of approximately 35,000 words.


Please download it if you’re interested. I hope you like it! Thanks, Mona 🙂

High Witch Box Set and Giveaways

High Witch Box Set

I recently released a High Witch Box Set, which contains all three books in my High Witch trilogy. It’s available for purchase as an ebook now. I also have giveaways for the box set on LibraryThing and BookLikes.




100 copies to be won. Open worldwide. Entries close November 10.

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100 copies to be won. Open worldwide. Entries close November 2. Scroll down the page to find my giveaway.

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Buy Links

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I also have a giveaway on Goodreads for all three paperbacks in my High Witch series. Details here.


Thanks everyone! Love and smooches, Mona 🙂 ♥

High Witch Book 3 Available Now!

High Coven coverI’m pleased to announce that High Coven (High Witch Book 3) is now available! It’s for sale on Amazon and Google Play. It will be available on iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo on August 16, but can be preordered now.

Buy links:

Amazon * Amazon UK * Google Play

Pre-order at the following places. Available August 16:

iTunes * Barnes & Noble * Kobo


Ariel is getting used to being a new mother and is excited to see her best friends Hallie and Sean again. She just wants to spend time with them and relax and hear about their wedding. Unfortunately, relaxing is the last thing any of them can do on this visit.

Thrust into a new place, the High Witches are delighted to find the fourth—but the circumstances couldn’t be worse. A group of men are determined to stop them from casting a spell that could change the world, bringing immense joy but also great disaster. The risks of the spell might be beyond their ability to handle.

A great darkness is coming. It will take more than two High Witches to stop it: it will take a coven.

High Coven is the third and final book in the High Witch series.


Thanks everyone! 🙂 ♥

Success takes time

When you’re trying to succeed, it’s easy to get swayed by what’s immediately happening, and not see the big picture. We look at our sales figures now, how our promotions are doing now, and judge ourselves based on that. I didn’t sell much this month? I must be a failure! We judge ourselves based on now, and don’t see the truth beyond that.

But there’s so much more. As a writer, my talent should be judged by my stories, not my sales. My ability as a story teller and the worthiness of my work should be judged by the work itself, not how many people bought my books that day. If you’re a good writer, that’s AMAZING! Yet we devalue ourselves because we aren’t making a lot of money, because we aren’t as successful as others, and we think we’re doing something wrong.

Of course we aren’t. Do you need to be the best marketer? No. Do you need to be the best at promotion? No. Those are just elements of our job, not the main thing. We should try in those areas, but we aren’t less as a writer because there aren’t thousands of people clamoring for our work. It doesn’t diminish what we’ve created. We can sometimes feel it does, but our books are good because of the story they tell, because of the characters, because of the way they make people feel. That is where  the worth of our work lies. Not in money.

So rejoice in your talent. In your creativity. Rejoice, be so pleased, because you have something special. You’re a writer – you have a gift. This is special and so meaningful. One day you may be a big success, not because something drastically changed about how you write or the way you do business, but because time has passed and these things take time. You won’t be any more special or intelligent or talented when you succeed, you will just have been at this longer. It takes a while. It can take years. But you’ll get there one day, because you’re good at what you do, and one day people will recognize that. Don’t feel bad. Don’t berate yourself for not being ‘there’ yet. You’ll get there. It will just take a while. All you can be, all you ever need to be, is you.


Witch Emerging Blog Tour


There’s currently a blog tour for my book Witch Emerging (High Witch Book 2). The tour is hosted by Literary Nook. My book will be featured on several blogs, some doing a promo and some providing a review.

Click on the banner above, or click HERE, to go to the first promo stop, which has a list of all the blogs in the tour. There’s also a giveaway of one $25 Amazon gift card to be won. I hope you check out some of the stops!

Love, Mona 🙂 ♥


Lucy’s Wish Giveaways

I currently have two giveaways running for my latest fantasy book Lucy’s Wish (Bluebell Book 1).

The first is a Goodreads giveaway for 5 copies of the paperback. The giveaway is open internationally. Entries close April 7 2014. Click on the box below to enter.


The second giveaway is on LibraryThing, for 100 copies of the ebook in all formats. This giveaway is also open internationally. Entries close February 21 2014. Click HERE to enter. Scroll down to about halfway down the page to find my book on the list (my book will move higher up the page close to the giveaway end date).

Thanks! Mona 🙂 ♥